Watching an authentic Peking Opera outside China is a seldom opportunity. It is an art that most people know by name, but have never seen before. Peking Opera is more than just music and singing; it also combines drama, dancing, martial arts and acrobatics, which makes it one of the most multifaceted theatrical forms in the world. In 2010 Peking Opera was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

The Peking Opera Festival offers a fine selection of original plays accompanied by an introduction to some of the key facts about Peking Opera. Basic background knowledge about the meaning of typical gestures, the abundant make-up and elaborate costumes help the audience understand the fundamentals of this mysterious genre.

After four celebrated festival editions in several European countries and Brazil, in 2014 Beijing’s most renowned Peking Opera ensemble will perform for the first time in Russia and the United States. Local audiences may look forward to experiencing some of the most distinguised Peking Opera stars on stage. Information about dates and ticket sales will be announced soon!



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Grand Théâtre de Genève
2015-10-31 19:30
Female Generals of the Yang Family
2015-11-01 15:00
One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Female Generals of the Yang Family

The story of Female Generals of the Yang Family is well-known to every household. It is from ancient Chinese historical fiction and tells the story of female generals of the Yang family safeguarding their homeland after most of the male members of the family were killed in a battle. During the reign of Emperor Renzong (1022-1063) in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the king of Xixia and his army invaded the border, and killed Marshal Yang Zongbao, who was in charge of guarding the frontier.
During that time the Yang House is filled with joy as the one hundred year-old widow She Taijun prepares for the celebration of the 50th birthday of her grandson, general Yang Zongbao, when the grievous news about his death reaches the family.
Yang’s grandmother, She Taijun, restrains her sadness and she persuades the emperor to allow her to lead the troops with her widowed granddaughter-in-laws and grandson, Yang Wenguang. Mu Guiying, Yang Wenguang’s mother and Yang Zongbao’s wife, has long held a grudge against the emperor. Persuaded by She Taijun and others, the patriotic Mu Guiying agrees to lead the army in battling invaders to defeat their enemy. After many trials and tribulations, they defeat the enemy and claim the final victory and return home gloriously.

Mu Guiying Li Hongyan |  She Taijun Shen Wenli |  Kou Zhun Zhang Jianfeng
Wang Hui Mei Qingyang |  the Emperor Tan Zhengyan |  Princess Chai Jiang Yishan
She's widowed 7th daughter-in-law Zhang Shujing |  Yang Wenguang Chen Yu
Old gatherer of herbs Zhang Kai |  Wang Wen Li Yang |  Wang Xiang Yu Shuai
Jiao Tinggui Li Xiaopei |  Meng Huaiyuan Meng Xianteng |  Zhang Biao Zhan Lei
She's daughter and 8th child Chen Zhangxia |  She's daughter and 9th child Zhou Meihui
Yang Hong Liang Junwei

Female Generals of the Yang Family

One Good Turn Deserves Another

One Good Turn Deserves Another tells a story of how a kind-hearted lady of a wealthy family is repaid at a time of adversity for the generous assistance she has earlier provided unintentionally.
Xue Xiangling, a girl from a rich family, takes with her a pouch full of treasures when getting married. On the day of her marriage, she is caught in a heavy rain, and meets in the Chunqiu Pavilion Zhao Shouzhen, a poor lady who is also getting married. Xue gives Zhao her pouch out of great sympathy. Six years later, Xue lost contact with her family in a flood. Having no place to live, Xue becomes a servant in the House of Lu. One day, when she is babysitting Lu`s son, she sees her pouch on a table. Having learnt about what has happened to Xue, Zhao Shouzhen, now Lu`s wife and the recipient of the pouch, expresses great gratitude to Xue and with her help, Xue gets united with her family. Xue and Zhao become sworn friends.

One Good Turn Deserves Another


Peking Opera consists of various artistic features like singing, music, dance, drama and acrobatics - a combination that makes the performance a unique stage experience. Beautiful costumes, elaborate makeup, enchanting voices and lively combat scenes fascinate the spectator. But in order to understand what the art of Peking Opera really is about, the audience needs some background knowledge. In our section ABOUT PEKING OPERA we will introduce the history of Peking Opera, outline the key facts about the performances and explain the basics about the four main roles types and the stage performers. Read more...


Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival Brazil 2013

Cidade das Artes (Rio de Janeiro), SESC Quitadinha (Petropolis), SESC Pinheiros (Sao Paulo). Read more...

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival Brazil 2013

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival Europe 2013

Lucent Danstheater of The Hague, Brucknerhaus Linz, Teatro Piccolo di Milano. Read more...

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival 2013

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival 2012

Reithalle Munich, Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania, Teatro Rendano di Cosenza. Read more...

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing: Peking Opera Festival 2012

National Center for the Performing Arts: Red Cliff 2012

Burgtheater Vienna, National Theater Prague, State Opera Budapest.

National Center for the Performing Arts: Red Cliff 2012


Producer - Jingju Theater Company of Beijing

Established in the early spring of 1979, the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing is one of the largest and most prestigious Peking Opera performance groups in China. It is directly affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Government and enjoys an incomparable status in domestic opera performance. With a large repertoire of traditional and modern productions, the group has made remarkable achievements inheriting and developing the art of Peking Opera.

The Jingju Theater Company of Beijing has been home to numerous talented performers over the past decades. These performers have included the "Four Famous Dans" (artists who represent or impersonate themselves as female characters) Mei Lanfang, Shang Xiaoyun, Cheng Yanqiu and Xun Huisheng, and the "Five Most Acclaimed Performers" Ma Lianliang, Tan Fuying, Zhang Junqiu, Qiu Shengrong and Zhao Yanxia. The stage manners, artistic accomplishments and schools of performance have helped shape and define today's Jingju Theater Company of Beijing.

Jingju Theater Company of Beijing has staged over three hundreds of classical plays and created more than a dozen of new plays since its founding. Many of them have won top national awards, including "Three Fights with Tao Sanchun" and "Last Touch to Dragon Painting". Today, the most outstanding performers of the troupe have become icons to the troupe's many young followers: Today, the most outstanding performers of the troupe have become icons to the troupe's many young followers: Performers like Tan Xiaozeng, Wang Rongrong and Chi Xiaoqiu all strive to keep learning from their masters Tang Yuanshou, Wang Yurong and Wang Yinqiu – the patriarchs of the Tan-, Zhang- and Cheng-school, respectively.

In China the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing is famous throughout the country for its artistic professionalism and its size. The company nowadays consists of three performing ensembles, the youth troupe, which is designed to prepare young performers, the Mei Lanfang Troupe that is named after the most famous performers of all times, following his performing practices, and the No. 1 Troupe which unites the most popular and acclaimed performers of the whole troupe.

Organizer - Wu Promotion

Founded in Beijing in 1991 by Zezhou Wu and Jiatong Wu, Wu Promotion is one of China's first performing arts promoters and event organizers. Inspired by a deep passion and dedication to music, Wu Promotion strives to enhance cultural exchange by actively promoting the performing arts and capturing the beauty and diversity of the world's culture through unique events.

With offices in China, Europe and the Middle East, its international and creative team organizes more than 500 concerts and events per year in China as well as abroad.

Wu Promotion provides premium services for performing arts, event management, public relations, exhibition and business hospitality.

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